Meet our Student Ambassadors

The creative, constructive collaboration between university and community – students and residents, academics and local businesses and organisations, employees and volunteers – helps our work in Grangetown thrive. We’re thrilled to be adding four new student ambassadors into this mix who will each bring a passion and unique perspective to our work at Community Gateway.” Mhairi McVicar, Member of Grange Pavilion Board

  • Final year medical student Sharuha (Shaz) Kumarasamysarma
    who is a Sri Lankan Tamil and an active member of the Shri Kalpaga Hindu Culture Association. She dances (at a competitive level), and is passionate about travelling, connecting with others and gaining an appreciation for the different cultures and beliefs around the globe.
  • Computer science post-graduate student Aldridge Takura Nyamowa
    who graduated with an Architectural Engineering degree in 2020. As well as supporting Community Gateway, Aldridge volunteers with the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers to promote the professional development of engineering graduates. He’s been active in student experience work since joining the university and is passionate about creating environments that allow individuals to be the best version of themselves.
  • Post-graduate student Dilani Thevathas
    who studied Interior Architecture at the University of Westminster in London before moving to Cardiff to join a master’s degree programme in Urban and Regional Development. She brings rich experience in Community Development to our team, including knowledge gained while working in the Pillgwenlly area of Newport where she grew up and has now founded a community interest company (CIC) to support local people who want to discover new opportunities and experiences.
  • Mathematics post-graduate student Naomi Wray
    who wants to give back to the city she’s grown to love since moving to Cardiff to study in 2019. As well as being an enthusiastic duathlete (a triathlon-style running and cycling event), she lives with profound hearing loss, wears cochlear implants and is a skilled British Sign Language user. She is passionate about connecting with the deaf community via her work with us.
Naomi Wray, 22, is studying for a master’s degree in Mathematics

“When I lost my hearing when aged 11 I didn’t know anyone else who was deaf and certainly no one who could use British sign language (BSL). My role model was my mum who taught me to shoot higher than I thought was possible. I learned to sign and, in time, started teaching others BSL and came to see what a beautiful language it is. I have carried on doing that at university and run a BSL club to teach students. It’s about creating a world where people can easily talk to each other and better understand each other’s lives. I love the idea of being a role model in Grangetown’s Careers and Role Model Week. Not only so I can be a role model to young people living with hearing loss and their peers, but to others living with a disability. Once you build understanding and awareness across communities, young people and start to see what’s possible…”